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The Former Graham Paulo Institute for the Criminally Insane

Over 20 years ago, to this very day, the Graham Paulo (who himself was ironically committed to the institute after attempting to rob a Police Station) Institute for the Criminally Insane burnt to a crisp leaving only a small portion of the original buildings foundations. It was believed to have burned down due to a grease fire which quickly escalated after throwing a pot of water on it.

Well, that brings you up to speed on the whole situation. 19 years later, the offspring of Mr. Paulo decided that it’d be a great idea to whip up a modern home for themselves. The only snag being they weren’t allowed to extend the main body of the house off of the existing foundations due to the fact that the site had been declared a historical landmark (yet they are able to build a modern house? Hmm, whatever.)

1 Year on, and the house was completed, here’s how the lot appears today:



Living Area


Master Bedroom


Back View

Entertainment / Pool

No Custom Content
Lot Price:
Furnished: $184,331
Unfurnished: $61,071
Lot Size: 3x3

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