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Here's my entry in the contest. I had fun building this house, I needed inspiration to build a lot for a wealthy elderly couple, that want to move away from the original home. Too many grandbabies. (That's the way I see it.)

In Riverview, a family named the Bateman have made a name in town of being very well off and raising four kids. The oldest son has married and the wife constantly ending up expecting another grandchild, now making the extension of the oldest son to three children. The other three children have grown up and flew the coop, leaving the matriarch and patriarch to desiring moving out and live out their final days going on world adventures and having time to enjoy fishing and gardening.

While out taking a drive, they came upon a rundown home and saw lots of potential in a nice home with space enough just for the two of them. So they took a bit of the family funds and remodeled the home, checking everyday for the progress. Oh yes, they love the grandchildren and don't mind their company, but the daughter-in-law is expecting again. Now they are waiting for the completion of the new home to give their son space (and save their sanity).

Room For Two-Lovely Country Home







I am using Custom Content, the roof by tammytrauma @ MTS, siding by Nengi65 @ SimsCrossing, Dodge Charger by FreshPrince @ MTS, some free EA store items.

Thank you for allowing me to make my entry.

Edited for resizing pictures and credits.

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