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Default Eastlake Manor aka "The Dollhouse"
After marrying the woman of his dreams, Jack promised himself that he would do anything he could to make her happy. When he discovered Audrey's adoration of Eastlake Manor and her childhood dream to live there one day, he took out a loan and surprised her with the keys and deed to their new home. Her love of Victorian era design had them frequenting yard sales and antique shops, looking for just the right pieces to fill their new home. Jack only had one stipulation; Audrey had to allow him to update the appliances so he could practice his craft at home. A year later, their house is beautifully decorated, Audrey spends most of her time outside in the sun and garden, and they are expecting their first child.

Front View
Built in the Queen Anne style, this home is the epitome of the Victorian era. Identifying features of such homes include an asymmetrical facade, dark color scheme with textured exterior walls, intricate and delicate details in the railings and columns, and elaborate roofing. As a girl, Audrey called the home a grown up dollhouse and even had her grandfather build her a miniature replica. She and Jack now privately refer to their home as "The Dollhouse".

Back View
The backyard is a botanical paradise with beautiful trees, flowers, a pond, and even garden gnomes to keep the outdoor lovers company. Most days, Audrey finds inspiration in the beauty of nature and she now has an easel outside so that she may work among her muse.

First Floor
Complete with a conservatory, the first floor has a spacious, open floor design. Also, the coat closet has been transformed into a half bath for guests.

Second Floor
The second level includes a gender neutral nursery, a walk in closet converted to an office, and another small bedroom that Audrey and Jack use as their den, plus 2 full bathrooms.

Living Room
Audrey has declared the living room to be the formal "sitting room". With a fireplace that is perfect for cold days, the room has been decorated in a timeless style that is elegant and inviting.

Jack's kitchen has modern appliances but still holds the graceful style of the rest of the house. Breakfast bar, cabinets a plenty, and granite counter tops make this room fit for a 5 star chef.

Dining Room
Blending the antique style of the sitting room with the sleek design of the kitchen, the dining room harmoniously unites the first floor. Perfect for special occasions such as holidays and anniversaries, this room is sure to be the heart of the family, where laughter and momentous events are shared by all.

In other words, an enclosed porch that has such panache it must be called something more fitting. Brick makes up the walls, perfect for appealing to the sun's warmth, and open windows create a room that anyone would be happy to spend a day in. The conservatory has the perfect ambience for reading a book, taking a nap, or playing games with friends and family.

Master Bedroom
The bedroom has been designed to embody the meaning of comfort and instill serenity. Without the technological distractions of televisions or phones, this room is the perfect place to start and end every day.

Notes: No CC was used in the making of this manor. It requires only the base game.