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I usually don't join contests, but this time I just couldn't stop myself! So here goes, I hope you like it:

Greetings, it will be my pleasure to show you your future home.

Ah I see you have found a place to park your car already! Welcome to Summer's Breeze, a small yet luxurious abode with a great view of the landscape. Don't mind the croc, he is quite harmless. As you can see this place has a small terras to enjoy watching all those people that will pass by the house time and time again wishing they could have afforded it instead of you! Remember to give them a gentle smile when they walk by, so please keep the muhahaha's silent. It is a nice and friendly neighbourhood after all.

Do you enjoy a swim on a hot day, watch the stars at night or do you prefer to just sit back and enjoy the view? This place has it all! Once a month we will send people over to clean the pool and watch the plants. I know it costs you a penny extra, but trust me, you are worth it!

The Layout of the house is set up for ease of use. As you can see you won't get lost trying to find your bathroom in those moments of urgency!

Ahh, you are the sit back and relax type of person I see. Well you can enjoy that here for sure. Also you don't have to worry about any peeking toms since the bedroom is safely located at the back of the house!

A luxurious living room to sit back and enjoy a good movie or book. The windows allow for a summer ambience even in wintertime, just remember to keep the blinds up partly so you won't miss the looks of envy from those passing by...

The place to...ehm....well.. okay we go on to the next room! *blushes*

Don't let the size of the bathroom fool you, it feels much bigger when you are sitting in the tub!

The kitchen is a natural cook's dream come true! Enough room to cook a meal fit for a king. Hmm? Not a natural cook? Well, it is perfect to enjoy a warm pizza as well, the delivery service is remarkable in this neighbourhood!

*looks at his watch*

This ends the tour for today, I hope you have enjoyed it. So... *gets some papers from his briefcase*...will you be signing these now or shall we pretend you aren't dying to live here and wait a few days first?

Cheats used: moveobjects on, testingcheatsenabled and buydebug.
Custom content: none
Items recolored: I think every single item that has the option to recolor has been recolored.