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The Pearl

Built in June of 1862, by the affluent couple, Baron Marcus and Rodmilla Simrood, The Pearl had stood as an testament to the era. Nary a day did pass that the Simrood's didn't host an opulent party within the grand halls. Laughter and music rang across the walls and slippered feet danced across the floor in merriment. For over two years, the Simrood's reigned in their lavish estate. But then, in a rather cruel twist of fate, the Baron, a heavy gambler, bet the Pearl and all of its surrounding land during a game of cards. Needless to say, the Baron was not the greatest player.

Having to say goodbye, the Simrood's left in shame, vanishing from all records after that time. The new owner reveled in owning the home, but it was not long before he began to fall upon hard times. In a desperate bid to stay, he sold the surrounding land, piece by piece. But even then, it was not enough, and the new owner was also forced to leave the Pearl. For over 60 years, it came to pass that each successive owner would also fall upon hard times within a few years of purchasing the dwindled estate, and be forced to leave. The Pearl came to be known as bad luck and no one dared to enter. For the next 80 years, the home deteriorated, the walls and foundation crumbling and rotting until what was left was merely a small amount of what it had once been. Not a Sim could pass by without a shiver racing up their spine.

A few years ago, the McSimpless' came to town. A family with some bizarre quirks and an interest in the rich local history, they immediately fell in love upon sighting the ruins of the Pearl. Impulsively buying what little remained, they took it upon themselves to gut what could not be salvaged. All that remained was an eclectic foundation, a few walls, and a mossy fountain in what used to be the back courtyard. Deciding not to completely restore the old home, since that would be too boring, the McSimpless' instead built upon the old foundation a home that housed their style. And they decided to fix the fountain while they were at it. After all, how many Sims had a fountain in their backyard? The McSimpless' preened with pride.

While the Sims in town look upon their new home with barely contained disgust, for it's most certainly not the prettiest home, and the decor upon the inside is somewhat strange and hodgepodge like, the McSimpless' are quite happy with how it turned out, up to and including the new turret they impulsively decided to add on half way through the building stage. This is, after all, their home that reflects them. As a side note, so far, the McSimpless' have not fallen upon hard times.

Street View


Lot Description

This home contains:
  • 3 bedrooms
  • 3 full bathrooms
  • A living room with connecting bathroom
  • A kitchen with connecting dining room
  • A study
  • Separate laundry room
  • Ecletic landscaping
  • Outside eating area
  • Outside entertainment pavilion
  • Old, refurbished fountain


Living Room


Spare Bedroom for the Eldest Son

Floor Plans

Level 1

Level 2





This house is worth $73,879 unfurnished and $161,293 furnished. No Sims were harmed in the building of this home and there is absolutely no custom content. Content from all expansion packs and stuff pack have been used.