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Default Zanzibar House
Zanzibar House - No CC used.
Welcome to Zanzibar House, the home of a Victorian Renaissance man Oliver Zanzibar O'Neill; explorer, anatomist and gentleman.
The unenlightened (ie., those pesky Landgraabs) call anatomists 'body snatchers' but it never pays to dwell on that sort of thing ... Oliver inherited Zanzibar quite by chance - he was the 'spare' not the heir. A close encounter with a dodgy serving of Fruit Cobbler saw the early demise of Oliver's elder brother Sebastian - or at least that's the public story - what really happened? Who knows .. However, Oliver does not let himself forget his fortune - he keeps Sebastian's skeleton on display in the study - lest he should forget where his good life came from - and it also displays his anatomist skills to his amazed visitors.

Oliver's home is decorated with the treasures of his exploring - his brother's legacy paid for that too.

Floor Plans for Ground, 1st and 2nd floors

Ground Floor
Entrance hall, Kitchen and study

1st Floor
Dining Room, Sitting Room/Drawing Room, 'Indoor Convieniences' and Log Store for upstairs fires.

Top Floor
Master Bedroom, Servants Quarters, more 'Indoor Convieniences'!

Oliver's Living Room, or as he prefers to call it - Drawing Room.

Oliver's lovelyBedroom, complete with his own tub!

The kitchen - Oliver employs three servants to take care of Zanzibar - they love working for him and often boast to their friends that 'unlike some households in Sunset Valley' they get a 'bed each, every third Sunday off and all the garden fresh onions they can eat' ... Extravagances unheard of in Sunset Valley domestic help quarters, I can tell you ..

Finally my bonus pics...
1 The Dining Room
Oliver entertains in grand style - very often his guests never, ever leave! This has its upsides, as it keeps the local Constabulary very busy indeed ...

2 The Imposing entrance Hall at Zanzibar House
Not much to say about this really, apart from 'Oooooh! Love the wallpaper!'

3 Oliver's Study - Also please note the stuffed and mounted remains of Oliver's pet raven Mr NeverMore .. his only childhood friend .. *sniffle .. * Also on the desk you may notice some 'potions', be assured they are harmless 'invigorating tonics' and nothing more ...