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Default Terrible Title Alert: Warm Red Foundation
New edit: NO CC
Gawd I'm bad at titles. This is my R1 Entry: Warm Red Foundation. Basically it's a warm colored themed 2 story house with a few ideas from my actual house, like the outside walls (part brick, part siding thing) A cement porch with out railing, the deck, the outdoor lighting... that's the ideas from my real house (Which looks nothing like this :/ ). BTW, BASE GAME ONLY (I only have the base :/ )

Seeing how I'm scored from a description, I made extremely quick a little story. I wonder how it turns out

In the town of Riverview (Well... before that), a small ranch once stood alone on a really empty street. Not long after more homes built up and then Riverview was named... er, Riverview. A terrible storm blew in one day and a tornado suddenly formed. Because this isn't a tornado prone area (and no one near Riverview never seen a real tornado). Riverview was like... uh... Greensburg... Only a few foundations were left (And a few lucky homes farther away from the tornado. The first homes to go up were the ones left with the foundations. Strangely, even though everyone knew this was the first house here, it was 3rd to be rebuilt (And not even tornado safe ) It was given a terrible name "Warm Red Foundation" and everyone lived happily ever after... The end?

*Nervous cough* ... Here it is...

Front + a bit of the left

Back Yard


TV/reading/Gathering area

Ran into problems with taking a good picture in there, so I went to the window for help. Think that a sim is on a ladder plz O_o

Main Bath, ran into problems there too and the windows isnt in a good spot for pictures.

If I need to, I'll redo the pictures. Tell me if their ok plz
I have used the edit thing to change some textures and colors, that's it. Does that count as CC?