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Willow Cottage

Welcome to beautiful Willow Cottage! This cozy little house is perfect for the nature lover in you. The exterior of your new house will be the envy of all the neighbors. Calm their envy by inviting them over for a rousing game of Gnubb in the backyard. Er, on second thought, they may be jealous of that as well..

Front View

The top floor contains the hallway, master bedroom with private bath, and a cozy study with a fireplace.

Top Floor

The bottom floor contains the entryway, living area, dining room, kitchen, guest bedroom and another bathroom. The washing machine is located in the kitchen.

Bottom Floor

The living area boasts an LCD TV and video game system. A teenager could get lost in there. Make sure you remind them to go to school!

Living Area (off entryway)

The kitchen may be small, but you'd be surprised how much storage you have in there. Cooking will be a breeze with everything in its place! The blue color is very calming. And that dining room! I think I may faint from all this beauty!

Kitchen (off dining room)

There are two bedrooms in the house. The beautiful green and pink guest bedroom is located on the bottom floor. The boldly colored master bedroom is located on the top floor, next to a quaint study with a fireplace and loads of candles.

Bedrooms and Study

Well that is the end of our tour. Please don't forget to grab a brochure on your way out.

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