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Default Elwell Manor
Hi guys this is my first ever competition and upload, just found this randomly and I thought I would give it my best shot. I'm not an amazingly creative builder but I prefer the decorating side of the sims. I only have the base game so I couldn't really avoid the CC and so I used up all my 10 slots i'm afraid.
CC- 2x kitchen cabinets, rose in a vase, white flower in a vase, garden veranda, 2x picture frames, bunch of roses in a vase, dining room table and dining room chair and these are all repeated throughout the property.

So here goes...

Elwell Manor is a fairly modest family home situated on the Riverview Clifftops, the style of the house is classic but with a modern feel to it. The house has an open plan living space on the first floor with a family sized bathroom and conservatory come dining room that opens out onto the garden patio. Upstairs there are 3 good sized Bedrooms, two elegantly decorated double rooms and one larger child/teen room larger enough for two and another family sized bathroom similar to the one downstairs. Outside there is a well kept colourful garden complete with a fairly large swimming pool and outside living space perfect for watching the sun go down in the evening and entertaining guests.

Street View

Ground Floor

Second Floor

Living Area

Kitchen/Dining Area

One of the Bedrooms

Another Bedroom

Downstairs Bathroom

Outdoor Living Space

Cheers guys