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Default Cascade Silver
Ok! Finally got this all straightened out! Glad I got a spot. Been stressing about that all day. This is my first competition ever so I hope all goes well! >.<

Cascade Silver:
A beautiful, modern glassy house built right on the beach. Surrounded by crystal-clear pools and a sparkling waterfall, the clean edges and silver accents allow this stunning house to shine.
Perfect for sims who love the outdoors, have a green thumb, or are concerned about the environment, Cascade Silver is full of plantlife. In addition to the colorful decorative gardens in the front and back, there's a large vegetable garden in the rear so your sims can be sure they're getting only the finest produce. Also in the rear, there's a large relaxation area complete with lounge chairs and a modern firepit. Cascade Silver features two bedrooms and one and one half bathrooms, making it perfect for two to four sims.

Street view:

Top Floor (bedrooms, bathroom, and balconies):

Bottom floor (kitchen, living area, bathroom):

Living Room:



Extra Shots:

-This house is custom content free. However, it uses items from both expansion packs, High-end loft stuff, and the sims 3 store.

Everybody's houses look great! I can't wait to see the results!
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