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Talking Round One
Round One
CC: None
Furnished: 144,805
Unfurnished: 75,203

This is a nice beach-side home for one Sim, or two. For Sims who want simplicity but also enjoy elegance.

Street View- This scenic home is adorned with flowers for the nature lover in all Sims.

First Floor- The first floor contains a living area with a large screen television, a reading nook, a dining and bar area and a kitchen that leads out onto the deck which leads to the pool.

Second Floor- One master bedroom enough for a couple or a single Sim. A chatting area by the stairs, an easel and a guitar can be found down the way for a more creative Sim. This then leads to the upper-level deck with a bench fit for some reading or cuddling, . This then leads to a reading and office area with a full bathroom off to the left and a laundry room right next to it.

Living Area- The living area has a spacious but cozy feel with soothing blues, greens, and whites throughout the room.

Kitchen- Spacious enough for the chef, and equipped for the beginning cook.

Bedroom- Beautiful view of the beach complete with a flat-screen television and two full-sized couches.

Bonus Shot: Dining- Spacious enough for four Sims and quaint enough for two. Complete with a beautiful view and a bar.

Bonus Shot: Pool-side- Sims can relax here by the pool during those summer days and nights.

Bonus Shot: Office/Reading Area- Perfect for studying, reading, gaming , or chatting with friends.

Well, this is my first competition and I think I did pretty well. I have always loved building beautiful but simple homes for my Sims.