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Default Foundation Challenge # 1 (Wintertwin's House)
This Foundation Challenge house was made for a Loner, Bookworm Sim who fishes, gardens, and loves the outdoors.

When Wintertwin DragonKin built her beautiful house there was no one else here. As years went by other people settled here and built up the town of Twinbrook all around her. Wintertwin is an extremely shy and private person. When a road was built right outside the back of her house, taking away her beautiful view, she built a tall fence around her small lot to maintain her privacy. In order to further safeguard her privacy WinterTwin asked her sister Winterhart to help her in the creation of Residential Rabbit Holes small enough to fit in 2 tiny rooms in her house.

Outside there is a swimming pool, fishing hole, picnic table and barbecue. There is also the beginning of a small garden of rare Omni Plants and Life Fruit. There is an Apple tree by the front door, and a large Cherry tree at the side of the house. At the back of the house there are strategically placed Aspen trees to further insure privacy.

(What really happened is Winterhart didn't read the rules until too late and had to do some quick thinking in order to salvage her Foundation Challenge house. It makes a good story though)

$56,466 Unfurnished
$92,295 Furnished

1 Bedroom
2 Bath
Study/Exercise Room
2 Private Residential Rabbit Holes

4 pieces of Custom Content (see end of post)
No EP, SP or Store Content (base game only)
Created in Twinbrook, also playable in Sunset Valley or Riverview.

Required Screenshot - Street view of house showing all levels.

Front of the house faces the back of the lot in order to maintain the required orientation of the foundation.

***Floor Plans***

Upper Left Screenshot shows the orientation of the house.
Lot Entrance

Top Floor
1. Bedroom
2. Observation Deck
3. Study/Exercise Room
4. Bathroom
5. Private Residential Book Store

Ground Floor
6. Living Room
7. Solarium
8. Bathroom
9. Kitchen
10. Private Residential Grocery Store

Landscaping Layout

11. Fishing Hole
12 Picnic/Barbecue
13. Garden
14. Cherry Tree (see the shadow?)
15. Swimming Pool

Required room screenshots - Living Room, Kitchen, and Bedroom.

Upstairs Rabbit Hole

Upstairs Bathroom


Even though this house was built in Twinbrook it contains no EP, SP or Store content and is playable in Sunset Valley or Riverview.

Custom Content used to build this house

1. Jynx's Bookstore Rabbit Hole Rug for Residential Lots by Winterhart
2. Jynx's Grocery Store Rabbit Hole Rug for Residential Lots by Winterhart
3. Ye Olde Stake Fence 1 ½ Height by Flabaliki
4. Ye Olde Stake Fence Gate 1 ½ Height by Flabaliki

Flabaliki's fences can be found here:

Jynx's Rabbit Hole Rugs for Residential Lots by Winterhart are waiting for upload approval.

Jynx's original Custom Rabbit Hole Collection can be found here:

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