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Default East of Souls Island
It's been really challenging for me stay in the limit of 8 pics without put them into a collage as usual, had to take off the sculpting corner, the bathrooms and the martial arts zone, almost getting crazy to let out the night view pics ... I guess this is the hard part of the challenge! I really had a lot of fun building and decorating this house, so thanks for this nice contest.

This is the perfect place for someone who need solitude and peace, with warm and comfortable style. It's designed for a single sim or a couple, and it features
- kitchen, living, studio, porch, bathroom at the ground floor level
- porch, little wardrobe room, artist corner/studio, bedroom and bathroom at the second level
The turret is purely decorative, there's no stairs to reach it, anyway my sims usually teleport so that's the good place for an exclusive stargazing night or meditation.

No CCs
EA Stuff from World Adventures, Ambition, Store sets (zen, tiki and some single free object).

Street view

The plan

The living room

The kitchen

The bedroom

The study

The courtyard

back view