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Default The Forgotten Lighthouse
Hopefully I haven't been too slow and there's a spot free ..

The Forgotten Lighthouse

The small town of Simpton-On-Sea used to be a thriving little fishing village, the old lighthouse served as both an aid to sailors and a small port authority storage location. Many years have passed since this old lighthouse really served any purpose, with the coming of the highways and bridges no one needed to bring in supplies by boat. It is believed that an old salty seadog tends to the place now and then so it doesn't fall into total disrepair though it is somewhat overgrown. Seagulls cawing overhead and the gentle lap of the sea are the only sounds here now..

2 Bedroom
Kitchen / Dining room

Special Features
Bothersome seagulls
Gentle rolling waves
A pier to fish off, into the "sea"
Salt water fish in a faux sea
Fully accessible Lighthouse style tower
Did I mention the annoying noisy seagulls?

$50,827 - Furnished
$37,414 - Unfurnished

Street View

Floor Plan

Rather than showing mostly the same image twice I chopped out and labeled the upper parts of the Lighthouse tower to save space.



A Bedroom

The other bedroom is a similar but less fun looking bedroom for an adult / parent perhaps.

Bonuse Shots!!

A rear side view of the lot, you can see the faux sea containing saltwater fish and the little pier attached to the back of the warehouse style building.

A better shot of the lighthouse style tower during the day.

Lighthouse by night, since it's an old and mostly abandoned lighthouse the rotating beacon has long since been removed however it is still fairly well lit up there!

CC and other Content
So far as I can tell I didn't use any custom content at all, I did use a couple of items from the Harvest Bounty set (free from the Sims Store) and various EP pieces (some obtainable using the BuyDebug cheat) and a couple of objects came with the Riverview town download (also free from the Store).