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Germaphobe's Adobe

A modern design family home. This house has 2 bed rooms
(1 master and 1 extra), a sun room/living room, pool in
backyard, full bathroom, kitchen, breakfast nook, laundry
room, and bar. Everything (including the kitchen sink) is in
white to make sure there are NO stains left anywhere.
Designed by NgaX, a mysophobic recluse herself. ^-^

le Front

le Floorplan

le Living Room

le Master Bedroom

le Other Bedroom

le Bathroom

le Laundry (extra #1)

le Kitchen

le Breakfast Nook (extra #2)

le Backyard (extra #3)

le Details
No Custom Content
[Installed TS3 EP: Ambitions content]
Lot Expenses
Furnished: $64,206
Unfurnished: $45,636

le Blah Blah
I had a lot of fun on this. Although it was frustrating when my game buzzed out on me and I had to start all over... I didn't want to include too many pictures so I couldn't show the bar. I hope my entry isn't too late!! I also hope people will enjoyed my presentation. This is my first post; since I just registered yesterday. Huzzah for TS3!!