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Wish I had a better graphics card. This all takes so much longer then you expects it 2. Especially when you think you have untill thursday lol

This is called In the Woodlands freash because the main focus/accents are wood~!
It is a Spacey 2 bedroom home, enough for a small family.
2 bath rooms, single garage and a swimming pool.
Simple and elegant.

#1 The front veiw First Impressions are always last. Since we built in a remote loctation, the front is decorate with large trees to invite you in. The exterior is crisp and fresh. You know you want to come in!!!

#2 The First Floor
The first floor consists of open plan living and kitchen area. added to that is a bathroom, and a hall to get you upstairs or to the back porch.

#3 The Second Level Consists of two bedrooms and a bath room. Also have veiw on the first floor to keep an eye on things.

The Living Room This cozy room has everything you need to warm the heart.

The Kitchen
Which is attatched to the dining room all in all to warm your stomache and possibly your eyes while your there.

The Main Bedroom
Also the room my 6 year old told me I hadn't posted ...... so close lol

The dining Area is where is.......

The Garden Breath easy and chill in comfort.

The Split This picture is the veiw of the two levels, the idea of this is being everywere at once. And it give the house a wonderful flow.