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EDIT #3:
-- Adding in written description and data sheet
-- Changing out overview screencaps to be consistent with the house as pictured (some lamps were yellow but changed to blue in the final, for example)

-- Images are thumbnailed but link to their Flickr area, now in their original 1024 x 768 glory. XP


Hidden in the Roots
Furnished: Approx. 98,626
Unfurnished: Approx. 45,344
--Due to small post-assessment inventory edits (I needed a place to put trash somewhere IN the house) and item decay during the photoshoot, the above furnished price is only an approximate.--

Made With
Basegame/Some Free Sims 3 Store Content
Penalties: 1 CC used x2: Microphone
Gave link because I think it's a cool item. XP


Front View

Citrine Hyland-Price was a young girl when she was first pulled into the world of superstardom, entering a contest with her older brother and younger sister as a trio - a scout heard her solo in their song and was hooked. She was only about, what, thirteen or so when she made her first album? Said album made Citrine a teen idol. Being the Good Sim she was, she couldn't say no when they asked her to go on tour.

Now in her early twenties with a new persona and stage name - H.P. Lemon - Citrine found her popularity waning and her conscience aching. Maybe all those years she was working for the record companies, but on the other hand, she made little effort to get in touch with the family she left behind. Then Citrine's plumbob lit up - she would get back home and make up for the nine or so years that she ignored her loved ones. In an effort to lay low from the press, the young woman chose to buy one of the regular houses in her hometown of Riverview and get some renovations to her liking instead of building something new.


Overhead Floor Plan: Ground Floor and Second Floor
(I made sure to keep the second floor to the footprint's edges.)

When Citrine had been thinking about color schemes, she chose not to have a definite color scheme throughout the house, but in an effort to keep things together and related, any wooden furniture was stained in a color close of the wood already stained in the house.

There was not as much of a definite style, however. The furniture bought for the three bedrooms - two of which were actually guest rooms - was more edgy and distinct than the rest of the furniture in the house. For her nephew and youngest twin sisters, though, it made a good contrast to that of their more conservative-styled parents.

It's a pain to go through that small hall seen next to the stairs every night due to the plants, but the plants do a good job of hiding the burglar alarm at the end of the hall. Luckily they work at concealing the alarm from the young ones, too.


Kitchen/Dining Area

Citrine is creative. Put her near an instrument-only song, she'll have the urge to find a notepad and write some lyrics. Putting her near a bunch of food, though, might not be such a good idea. Especially when you have tons of kitchen equipment that she's never touched... she's got a tendency to ruin food. Her kitchen isn't stocked with all the equipment needed to make Ambrosia, but putting her lack of skills in mind, she'd make the exact opposite of it.

The dividing wall is actually padded - no kid is gonna be losing blood in Citrine's house from hitting that wall while playing a game! - but the padding surface was miscolored from that of the actual wall when it was requested.


Living Room

Citrine loves karaoke, though she rarely uses a lyric screen. She actually has a few of her own karaoke tracks in her collection as well, though those are usually stored in her room rather than the CD rack next to her TV. Occasionally she'll play the game console on the coffee table, even without guests over... those kart racing games grow on you after a while...

(CC used, Microphone)



She's mostly here for RR&R - rest, relaxation and reconnection - but you can't keep a great singer down. We all know how inspiration is - so Citrine's grateful for the notepad that currently sits next to her computer. If Citrine's room was soundproof, she'd try how well she can record her voice in here, but it isn't. It makes a good spare microphone when people are arguing who will sing what first on the machine downstairs, though.

(CC used, same item/color as Living Room's)


BONUS PICTURES: Extra Bedroom and Foyer

This room is where her youngest siblings - her twin sisters - sleep when they come over. The stuffed animals are clingy toward the floor of this house, even if the sisters aren't. Must be something to do with the static electricity in there.


Here's a good thing about this foyer; if you have to wait a really long time in here - which probably won't happen, as the owner of the house wants to be polite - you can always pick up a book and read to sway away boredom... then again, it doesn't really help that much, but it's better than standing while you wait.

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