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So heres what I built I was glad to read that you take more than 50 contestants so my work didn't get wasted.

The Blue Lagoon House
The Blue Lagoon House was built in 2008 and was meant to be a house for the architecht who designed it himself. However this architecht didn't ever get to live in the house as he died in a car accident just a week before the house was finished.

The architecht, Susan Gardo, had a weird taste when it came to the colour of the house overall so none of his relatives wanted to move in her dream home. They put the house in market, but it still wasn't sold due to the colours of the house. The relatives hired a designer, Anita Thár, to redesign the colours so they would look better.

Anita succeeded in her task magnificently. The house sold for 200 000 § just a week after her renovation was finished. Now the owner of the house is more than happy with her new home and has named the house "The Blue Lagoon House" due to the blue theme of the house.

Street view:

Floor plan:



Master bedroom:

Additional bedroom:


No CC used.
Lot price furnished: 193 716 §
Lot price unfurnished: 66 298 §

P.s Sorry for my bad english, its not my native language :p