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This is the Home of Geoffrey, a lecturer in sustainable energies at the Centre for Alternative Technologies.

The house itself is made of a mixture of compacted straw bales and earth and roofed with reclaimed Welsh slate tiles and solar panels.

On the ground floor is the living room, with study area and large kitchen and dinning for four.

The second floor has one bedroom with on suite bathroom.

Geoff will only buy product made of sustainable materials and as such has great pride in his collection of second hand wooden furniture. His most resent find was a old oak kitchen for sale on eBay.

Being vegan Geoff likes to grow all of his own vegetables, to further reduce his carbon footprint. To the rear of the Vegetable garden is a compost heap, rain water collector and shed which house Geoff bikes and recycling bins.

No CC used, store items from the free earth day and EV pack used.