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Just in time, yes? I hope so.

This is Sky View House. It is a contemporary home which would be suitable for a loving couple. Due to building restrictions, they would however have to move out if they wished to expand in order to raise a child. Featuring a calming, blue colour pallet throughout the interior any Sim would find it difficult to lose their cool here. There is also a large, spacious garden out to the back of the property featuring a heated swimming pool and paved area suitable for social gatherings.

Street View

First Floor Plan

Second Floor Plan

Living Room



Bonus Pics
Living Room Entrance

View from Kitchen to Entrance


I have used no custom content in the lot, only Store items and EP items.
I would have liked to have shown the bathroom but it was too small to actually show it all in the camera. How do you guys get that fish-eye lense type effect anyway?

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