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Well I think I'll need a holiday some place like this after this round of the competition. After two crashes, having to rebuild entirely, having the flu and realising there were millions of people entering... here it is!

A little slice of heaven whether your live in suburbia, by the beach or somewhere exotic. You can be sure your home life will always be fabulous and relaxing! The styles are a little mish-mashed but I think it works. The idea was bringing indoors and outdoors together, so you can enjoy that Carribean resort-style garden from anywhere in the house.

Street View

Living Room



Loft Bedroom

Floor Plans: First Floor

Second Floor

Third Floor

No one will probably notice but this picture is slightly different, I went back to revamp the roof garden to make it more lush, added two small fountains and a place to sit and think, so the time of day was slightly different and I added some different things to the landscape...

Three additional images!

Features Barbecue area, small rock garden and breezy sun shelter/tent thing.

I don't know why the ceiling goes black in free camera mode, it's supposed to be a white ceiling.

I wasn't sure if one of the additional images was allowed to be a collage... I used no CC everything is from base game, WA and Ambitions and some free store content like the environmental planter things and such. Large pictures in bedroom and living room are the digital photo frame from ambitions with photos my simmies took most stuff is placed with moveobjects and um... I think that's about it! Like I said, still not sure if the last collage image is allowed but I'll leave it there and hope for the best.