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The Quick House!

Named after what I had to be to re-build a house after my computer crashed, to reach the headline

1BR 1BA, Living room, Kitchen, Patio, BBQ Area/Garden Retreat, Pond, Parking. No CC used.

This beach house was done up after local investors saw the potential in this run down shack. It is aimed for a older couple without children who want to live life in the slow lane.

The property consists of two buildings, one for living and one for sleeping. The small living room area is cosy with a view of the garden and the beach. It has a TV and cable available. Kitchen is fully fitted with all modern appliances and has a back door that leads out to the trashcan.

TS3 aliens? Finally! Now give us OFB and proper apartments, damnit! - EA, you are breaking my heart. - I give up.