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well, what I think about the "floating tiles" rule is that no sim should be able to step over any part of the house that is not above a piece of the given foundation. so, in my house there are lots of decorative structures, but no sim can get up those. also, I placed some [a lot of] friezes, but again, they're over the given footprint, or they can't be stepped over.

However, here's my entry:

Das [Bau]Haus

It is a 1 bedroom, 2 bathrooms house, with a unique day space, including Kitchen, Dining room and Living room. It has been built around the first '30s near Waisims, in the middle of the countryside, and has stayed almost unmodified since then, except for some internal renewals, such as an improvement of the hydraulic system and the complete re-building of the backyard, previously non-existing, with the addiction of a pool area and a, external dining space. The peculiar features of this house reflect the ideas of the "BauHausim" movement, that are the employing of armed concrete and of its all-new possibilities, such the lighter and thinner walls, and the constant presence of glass surfaces. Another unique feature is the texture of the bed sheets and of the hall rug, original creation of the Sim-crafter of Waisims. However, quality & uniqueness have their price: this piece-of-art comes §212.974 furnished and §99.497 unfurnished, but, if you consider yourself a wealthy person with some taste, I'd recommend you to buy the whole furnished house; it wouldn't be the same without the especially designed pieces, and, plus, you'd live in a chunk of History!

(No CC used!)
(sorry if I had made some mistakes, my English isn't still perfect! :D)

Floors View

Roof View

First Floor: Master (only) bedroom with separate closet, Bathroom, Hall/Study.

Ground Floor: Kitchen/Living/Dining space, Bathroom, Laundry room.

And that precious foundation, untouched:


Kitchen/Living/Dining space

Master Bedroom

Upper Hall/Study

Backgarden view from the pool

External dining space