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Default Modern Bloom by armiel

This is my entry for Round 2

Modern Bloom follows the lines of Modern breeze which is my entry for the Round 1.
I was originally going to make it blue too, but then Flabs suggested I should use the same textures on the exterior but change the colors, so I did.
Thank you Flabaliki for that idea

I used items from Base game and World Adventures, I didn't use any CC or Store items.

Still.... I'm no story teller, so I'll just give you the rest of the pictures :D

Here are 2 of the 3 allowed extra shots, they are of exterior:

Then the floorplans. I didn't take a picture of all layers, since I used CFE when building. These pictures show the structure and the layout of the house well enough.

Here is the kitchen:

And the livingroom:

The bedroom:

I had difficulties on deciding should I take a picture of the study, or the seating area, I'm a little sad I can't post both, cause I like how they turned out. But enough of sadness, here is the extra shot 3, of 1st floor seating area:

I hope you like this house, I had fun building it. Wasn't as fast as the Round one, build time prox. 7 hours.
I'm already anxiously waiting for the results of Round 1 and the foundation of Round 3 :D