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Default Rolling Hills Dairy Farm
Jim Bob moved back to Riverview after his granddad passed away to help take care of the family farm (and his eccentric grandmother). He was shocked upon arriving that, due to hard times, bits and pieces of the farm had been sold off and all that was left was a small vegetable plot and the barn. Having to choose between the barn and nature's finest for shelter, his grandparents remodeled the said barn into livable space and kept on attempting to bring the soil back to the fertile ground it used to be.

Okay, okay, so the hills aren't exactly rolling and the plants are all withered and dead. And yes, sadly, it's true. The cows aren't real either; who wants cows that close to the house anyway. It is now Jim Bob's responsibility to restore Rolling Hills to its original glory on a greatly diminished scale.

Welcome to the Farm! Don't mind Granddad's gravestone. Mamaw promised she would bury him under his favorite tree, right next to what was left of his beloved garden. Jim Bob doesn't quite understand why Granddad's john boat is precariously balanced on wooden pilings and every time he tries to ask her about it or even goes near it, she prattles on quite agitated about renovating and fixing up and something or another about needing it for the best spots. Best to leave it be for now.

Front Side:
There is a close up of those cows. What's a dairy farm without cows? That's right; a garden. And Rolling Hills is NOT just a garden.

Rooftop View:
From a bird's eye view you can see the small pond, vegetable fields (what did we say about calling it a garden?!?), cow pasture, and baling storage.

First Level:
Living room, dining room, kitchen, Mamaw's bedroom, and 3 separate porchs.

Second Level:
Bathroom and small loft space that is Jim Bob's "room".

Living Room:
Simple, spacious (once those stall walls were knocked out and the floor mucked and renovated the square footage was quite impressive!) and quite cozy.

Dining Room:
Mamaw's favorite room. On her lucid days, she is encouraging Jim Bob to find some nice girl to marry and make lots of babies with so she can fill the table with kids and cookies. On her not so lucid days, she likes to sit at the table and color.

Once the tack room, the kitchen has hand painted cabinets and Mamaw's homemade curtains.

Mamaw's Room:
Her knees can't take too many trips up and down the stairs, so the master bedroom is on the ground floor. Don't worry about the bathroom being upstairs, she's got a backup system for when her arthritis acts up. Vertical blinds cover the French doors leading to the dining room and she has a private patio overlooking the pond.

Small, yet highly effiecient, this bathroom carries on the country theme in the wash basin style sink and floral towels and accents on the commode.

No CC has been used in the making of this lot. Only base game installed. Lot has been play tested...everything functions and is accessible for use. In case anyone is wondering, the farm stuff (cows, hay, water trough, etc) is from the EA store...not CC. Also, the vertical blinds in Mamaw's room were NOT placed with moveobjects, they ARE functional and sims are able to walk through the door.