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Again, I am amazed at the creativity of the entrants already submitted! I wish I was that creative. Anyway, here's my entry for contest #2, as hopeless as it seems to be!

Okay, the story... Mr & Mrs Prickle wants a dream home in Twinbrook, so they contracted renowned local architect Hugobert von Schmuck to design one for them. Problem was, as Hugobert found out too late, is that the couple has wildly different personality and requirement. Mr Prickle wants the sturdiest, most massive house possible, his security stemming from having his rickety childhood home blown away by a strong wind while he was cowering under his bed. Mrs Prickle, however, lived out her childhood in a former underground nuclear fallout shelter that her eccentric parents turned into home, spending her entire childhood life surrounded by walls, artificial lights, and no windows. So she wants an airy home with lots of glass areas and high ceilings. After tearing what few hairs he has left for a few weeks, Hugobert finally come up with this home.

The Modern Flying Butress

It's a modern-style home, with three "flying butress" out front (as the foundation practically begging for it!) and two more out back. The massive pillars out front and in the back as well as the "fins" provided a sense of sturdiness and security that Mr Prickle needs, and balances out the airiness of all the two-story and glassed areas..

The house features a two-story sitting area with two-story glass walls on one corner (Mrs Prickle's favorite place to be), a U-stairs, two bedrooms, each with its own en-suite bathrooms, a modern kitchen, another bathroom downstairs, and fenced-in yard with a pool out back.

No CCs.
Disclaimer: At least that I know of. It does use items from expansion packs. Might have used some from EA store but I don't think so (they installed funny on my latest reinstall, some failed to show up at all, some have no labels/icons (like standard content) or even labeled as CCs!)


I am making some changes to my entry. Nothing major, just some reshuffling of interior pieces. I just noticed that the fireplace being where it is, next to the landing of the U-stairs where the floor has been lowered, caused its chimney to be missing its middle section, only to reappear again in upper level. Not good, unless you want your home to be full of soot whenever you lit up that fireplace. Might even cause carbon-monoxide poisoning! So that fireplace is gone. Modern homes don't need them anyway, what with efficient central heating and all. In its place is the TV, and what used to be the TV room is converted into sitting/reading room. Oh, and landscaping is improved too.

Street view, showing the massive pillars out front:

PS: I'm afraid I have to break my claim of no Photoshopping and use the program to remove the unsightly rendering errors that kept appearing on the ceiling of the front porch (the strange little black thingies). There, looks better now!

Floor plan - first floor:

Floor plan - second floor:

The 2-story high, glass-walled living Room

Kitchen / dining:

Master bedroom:

The back end with the backyard and swimming pool:

High outside three-quarter view of the house showing the glassed two-story living room:

And last but not least: a view from the top of the U-stairs looking down at the living room.

There, got my second entry in before it's too late!