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Alan I LOOOVE your house.

Ok here's a repost of mine. Deleted the other post. But I am missing one more bonus shot so I'll add it tomorrow I guess.

**No CC was used in the making of this house. lol

This little house on the beach is designed for a couple just starting a life out together as it only has one bedroom and the only bathroom is in the master bedroom. A perfect home to live in for the first few years before you decide to have children. Although there's a hallway leading to a home office that very well could be remodeled to be a nursery if something unexpected happens.

There's a little laundry nook tucked away off the living room. Kitchen is small but very "sunshiney" with a breakfast bar. You'll notice what I mean upon seeing the cabinets.

There are entrances to the barbecue deck right off the main entrance hallway and the hallway leading to the office. A very nice little outdoor area to entertain friends.

Color scheme is light woods throughout with shades of aqua, lime, yellow, and seafoam in the rooms.

The Simmer formerly known as Greenlea