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Default The Loft
Hi, I’m Emilie.
You must be our new neighbors, nice to meet you. I know why you’re here, you must be intrigued by our house, everybody is at the first. Maybe you would like a tour; OK follow me.

We renovated this old factory to make a loft. As you can see this is the front view, we wanted to keep the atmosphere of the place so we let the brick facade. The factory is from the early 19th century and it was quite in ruin when we inherited it from my old uncle.

Let’s take the helicopter so we can have a sky view.
The lot is a bit small but we have plenty of space in the house, we have three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a kitchen, dining area, living area and we even have room for my desk and computer.
Oh, yes I know, we have a train in our garden. But don’t forget that we’re living in a former industrial place and when the factory was still running the goods traveled by train. We don’t have any use of it but we can’t get rid of it because of the pond that had been formed near it.

I almost forgot we only use EA's object in this house (no CC).

This is the first floor where we have the bedrooms and two of the bathrooms; we don’t like to have visitors in here but maybe we could make an exception for you.

This is the ground floor where we have all the living areas and a bathroom so our guests don’t have to go upstairs.

Let’s go in the house now. I think you will be surprise to see that the interior is very modern and colorful. My husband and I wanted to make a modern feel for the interior to contrast with the monotone of the exterior by putting lots of bright colors.

Here is the dining area. I like the colors they give some light to the room.

This is the living area. I warned you that the interior was colorful; but frankly who wants a boring interior of black and white. I want a playful house.
No, you’re not mistaken this is a real garage door. That’s another reminder of the original use of this place but we kept it because when it’s open we have a great view of the garden.

This is the kitchen, not as colorful as the living isn’t it but I love those colors together they give a luxurious yet homey feel.

Ok I’ll let you see our bedroom, but be aware that I’m making an exception because you didn’t flee when you saw the living room. Nothing special there but we kept some walls like we found them. Actually, we kept a lot of the walls with the original bricks. What you see behind that wall is our bathroom.

Thank you for visiting our home I hope we will see you again. Good bye.