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This time, I present to you the beach house of Thomas (red haired) and Flynn (blonde), two young guys who are just starting to climb the career ladder and who actually only want one thing: to enjoy life! Easy enough with a beach house that has a stunning vista and a large pool. Thanks to Thomas's father, the two can live their dream by the sea. He, being a big company boss, paid for everything.
Thomas took guitar lessons since he was ten years old and now plays in a band and has regular local gigs. His dream is to become a true rockstar. He also likes art and supports unknown artists by buying their work (hence the many paintings in the house). Though Flynn cannot understand Thomas's passion for art, he does understand that it can pay off to possess paintings that could one day become famous and valuable. He is also a more romantic type and is actually looking for a nice girl he can later marry. His best friend Flynn is almost the opposite of Thomas. He is a party animal and is the one that introduces Thomas to all kinds of people. He's got quite a repuation as a womanizer, but with the perfect place to party, it's not hard for him to get to know the hot chicks in town. But Flynn can also be disciplined - he took on a job in the military. To keep himself in good shape, he takes a swim in the pool every morning at dawn.

The two friends definitely like their new home!


front view


Thomas's bedroom

the bathroom (where Flynn is getting ready for a date)

the hallway/entry

the garden/pool area

view from the porch through the big windows

---No CC was used on this lot----
---All pictures on the walls are painted by Sims---

Just a note: I am aware that there are other lots that used part of the foundation as flower boxes, but honestly, I only saw them after I finished mine, I did not steal the idea from anyone.