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1BA, 2BR, Office, Open Plan Living/Kitchen/Dining, Big Garden, Swimming pool, Outside Dining, Parking, Beautiful View - No CC used

The Edel was built by a Norwegian architect called Sjur Bjørnsen who had a special love for nature. The 'box' house is made out of wood and it has a special roof hanging over it to keep the cold air in and the heat out. Windows are strategically placed around the house to provide natural light and all decoration and furniture is made nature friendly. Because of this the electricity and maintenance usage bill is lowered and is therefore perfect for nature lovers.

The house is fully kitted with furniture in dark wood and relaxing colours to not get that 'sterile' modern feeling. As of now the house has beds for 3 residents however the office can be turned into a bedroom if wanted. There are three verandahs, two of them which lead from the bedrooms. The big garden has a dining area and a swimming pool, perfect for parties!

Furnished: 100,100
Unfurnished: 63,400