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Default Cabin Forest
Cabin Forest, Forest Cabin how ever you'd like to say it, it's still the same wonderful house. This wooden beauty is wooden, 1 floor, has a pond in the backyard, has a backyard, 1 car driveway, 1 1/2 bath, 2 bed, fireplace not connected to the wall, nice kitchen, porch & deck.

This home would be perfect for a couple who wishes to have 1 child, as there is just a little more space for a toy or 2. As you can see, TJ and Zora enjoy their new home.

Comes with:
F/B Alarm
2 Bed
1.5 Bath
Hobbys (Book, chess, tv)



-Main bath... where do I find the pictures my sims took?-

-Main Bed, I think this was a bit too far out-

-Living Room-

-Kitchen/Dining Room-

-Top down-

No CC, only CC would be on the Sims themselves, not on the lot.
Looks good near a bunch of trees.

Edit: Oops, forgot that I have to put flooring on top of the walls to have a ceiling... hope that doesn't mess scoring up much. *light cringe*