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Default South of Souls Island
Another exclusive and evocative corner of the Souls Island, where an artist sim could live in solitude and peace (no TV here!), in a warm and cool location. The perfect place also for an explorer.
It's designed for a single sim or a couple, and it features
- kitchen, living, studio, porch, bathroom at the ground floor level
- porch, bedroom and bathroom at the second level
- pool and artist corner in the back yard

Street view

back view

the plan

the living room

the study room


the kitchen

and the bedroom

No CC. Many EA store objects from various sets and from the buydebug section.
By the way, I've seen many gorgeous houses so far, everybody is doing great and it looks we all are having a lot of fun with these weird foundations... and best of all, Porkypine is around (hello highroller!).