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Default Round 2 Entry: Widow's House
Widow's House

The great architect, Xandor Yahaan, allegedly built this house for his wife, Gertrude, in the 1980's, after she helped him cover up the murder of his sister some years before. No one is certain of the motive for the murder (though some speculate she didn't approve of his passion for both traditional English landscaping and straight lines), but what is clear was his dedication to the project; completing the house entirely by himself, brick by brick, taking him 5 years before finishing. As monument to his achievement, he suffered traumatic nightmares for the rest of his life, involving placing large amounts of rocks under a time limit, then failing, and proceeding to be killed by the remains of his dead sister. He eventually went insane and Gertrude left him, citing she had 'found someone else'. She then revealed information to the police regarding the death of his sister, but before they could arrest Xandor, he was found having drowned himself in the pond at the front of this house.
His final resting place is at the back, underneath what is now the patio area, and the house remains forever dedicated to his memory. After leaving her 'someone else' Gertrude moved back into the house, partly because of guilt, partly to be in the constant presence of the man who built it for her and whom she would never forget. She lived out her days alone, never remarrying, thus giving the house the name by which it is now known: 'Widow's House'.

Lot Info:
-Size: 30x30
-Price Furnished: $119,050
-Price Unfurnished: $81,051

-No CC, store content, or expansion packs used-

-Living Room
-Downstairs Bathroom
-Dining Room

-Balcony Garden

-Patio Area
-Sitting Area
-Vegetable Garden


Front View:

Living Room:



Library Area:

Dining Room/Garden:


Ground Floor:

1st Floor: