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Echomod House

Echomod house is a family home. Designed by the late Gregory Finn who intended just that. Not to die of course, I mean he meant it as a family home. He wanted to rid the ongoing preconception that modern homes were clinical and bland. He wanted rich reds, vibrant pinks and deep woods. Calming greens and magnolia with a splash of sunflower orange.

This is exactly what attracted the Sanford family.

Kerry-Ann and Eric met at Simstate University. Both Kerry and Eric were studying horticulture and excuse the cheese toasty, but it was love at first sight. Unfortunately (or not!) they were a little bit too in love and Kerry fell pregnant during her final year. Kerry dropped out of Uni whilst Eric took a job at his fathers business selling Lanacane gel at nudist camps on top of his university work. Whilst pregnant Kerry ran a backyard tree nursery to help make ends meet. 9 Months later and little Merinus was born and that was when things got really tough financially for Kerry and Eric. Thankfully the Lanacane sales were really on the up and Kerry's tree's were making the bomb, so after 5 years of hard grafting and saving what they could they made a deposit on the house of their dreams. Echomod house.

House stats~

2 Bedrooms
1 Bathroom
1 Kitchen with small diner
1 bathroom
1 living area
Mature gardens all round
Swimming pool (needs a good scrub!)
Roof terrace

Furnished : $99,859
Unfurnished: $65,697



Roof Level with terrace

Floor Level

Living room


Master Bedroom

Pond and kitchen window view

Roof sun terrace

Swimming pool