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Default Foundation Contest Round 2 DragonKin Castle
DragonKin Castle

There is no custom content used on this lot.
Complete list of EA Store content used at the end of post.

Unfurnished $52,426
Furnished $109,488

The Castle is guarded by Gargoyles at each corner and 3 Magical Knights in armor in front.
There are another 3 Magical Knights surrounding the top of the Tower.
The moat surrounding the castle is well stocked with fish. Your Sims can move around
between the castle wall and the moat so they can fish safely. In addition to the magical Knights
and Gargoyles the moat is guarded by large green magical fish that will make any intruders
think twice about storming the castle.

Street level front of castle showing all levels.

Floor Plan from the top down.

1. Top of the Castle with 3 Magical Knights on guard duty.
2. Master Bedroom
3. Balcony off Master Bedroom
4. Top of Guard Tower
5. Heir and a Spare Bedroom
6. Baby Princess Bedroom with bed for Nanny
7. Full Bathroom
8. Water Closet
9. Guard Room
10. Court Yard
11. Great Hall aka Living Room
12. Servants Quarters
13. Kitchen/Dinning Room
14. Water Closet

Great Hall aka Living Room

Master Bedroom


Court Yard

Heir and a Spare Bedroom

Baby Princess Bedroom with bed for Nanny

EA Store Content List and Links

Gothique Living + Sleeping Rooms

Gothique Armor
Gothique Double Bed
Gothique Curtain
Gothique Curtain II
Gothique Candle Stool
Gothique Coffee Table
Gothique Glass Spider
Reynard The Raven
Gothique Cushion and Pearls
Gothique Painting
Gothique Dinning Table
Gothique Bookshelf

The Complete Castle by Castle Kits, Inc.

Top of the Tower by Castle Kits, Inc.
Towering Tower Wall with a View by Castle Kits, Inc. on top of castle.
Regal Windows by Castle Kits, Inc.
Castle Double Door II by Castle Kits, Inc.
Castle Double Door I by Castle Kits, Inc.

Full Interior Castle Set

The Great Lord So-and-So's Shield and Sword
The Banner of the Bold
Knighting of Sir Asad
Noble End Table
Treasures of the Realm Chest

Zen Again

Micro Onsen tub

Faire Folk Outdoors

Enchanting Faire Love Seat

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