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The Clinic

In the summer of 1976 in the small, sleepy town of Twinbrook lived a jovial young man named Sidney Reeves. In this town Sidney wasn’t just any man, he was Dr Sid, and he was much loved by all one hundred and twelve of his patients. Dr Sid was the senior doctor in the town’s only clinic where he worked alongside his protégé Dr Alvin Forks.

One hot, sticky evening that summer Dr Sid had gone back to the clinic to fetch the reading glasses he’d left behind when he heard muffled grunts coming from Alvin’s office. He cautiously approached the door and peered through the frosted glass window. He saw the blurry outline of what he thought was a struggle between two people, ‘someone’s attacking Alvin’, he thought alarmed. Without further hesitation he flung the door wide open and launched himself at the two writhing bodies ripping them apart. Stumbling backwards he gasped, “...No! This can’t be!?” Dr Sid grasped his temples and breathed hard as the truth of the matter slowly sunk in. Alvin. His protégé and best friend... was fornicating with Anna, his beautiful and sweet young wife. Suddenly he felt hot with hurt and anger. He could hear muffled voices in the distance; probably Alvin and Anna trying hard to explain why it looked like it did without actually admitting the truth. Sidney could barely hear them over the sound of his blood pulsating through his body. He looked at his friend whose thick bushy eyebrows tensed together with worry or maybe guilt and then at his wife, once so wholesome and angelic, now an adulterous whore and he could feel the rage inside him peak...

Nobody ever saw or heard from Alvin and Anna again, it was assumed that they’d eloped. The town rallied round, giving their support to Dr Sid but he was unresponsive at best, downright mean at worst. That night had changed him, broken him. As the months, then years passed people stopped trying, stopped visiting. A new doctor’s practice was opened on the other side of town. Dr Sid became a complete recluse hiding away in the clinic which he refused to leave ever since that fateful night.

Thirty-four years later ...

It’s been a long time since Sid practiced medicine on ones at least. Over the years Sid’s love for science and healing mutated into a twisted obsession with raising the dead. He cared about little else, barely looking after himself enough to survive. People avoid him on the street on those rare occasions he ventures out for supplies. They say he’s creepy, crazy even. On dark evenings neighbourhood kids dare each other to go to the old clinic and see how close their fear will allow them to get. One boy claims to have gotten inside the garden where he swears he saw three monsters in cages that snarled and howled at him. These outlandish claims have not yet been confirmed...

Street ViewOnce a pretty little family clinic with a pond and raised planters has been allowed to decay into a rundown shack with a murky swamp in an overgrown and weed filled garden. A while ago Sid converted the planters into cages to store his creations in, he liked the fact that they would have to learn to swim if they wanted to escape. It doesn't matter that they're out front, nobody comes to this part of town anymore.

Floor Plans
This 'house' contains:
Living room (sitting room/reception)
Bedroom (Dr Forks' Office)
Shower room
Kitchen/Operating room (Pharmacy/Operating room)
Greenhouse (New Build)
Office (Doctor's Office)
WC (Patient's Toilet)
Outside: Gazebo, 3 livestock cages and 5 parking spaces.
Living RoomWhat was once the clinic's waiting room and reception is now....well, pretty much still the same. Dr. Sid, being a man of substantial intelligence, felt he had no need for a television which in his opinion is the second most effective cause of brain deterioration in modern society, second only to listening to boy bands. In 1982 he relented and bought a second hand television once he'd discovered by accident one day that he'd been so out of touch with the outside world he'd completely missed the fact that his idol, the king, had died five years previously. In 2001 Sid was waiting for a documentary on the serious health ramifications of using pesticides to start when he found himself idly watching the programme that he was waiting to end. Before he knew it Sid was irrevocably addicted to Big Brother. The next day he went out and purchased a second hand arm chair for comfort and in only 24 short years he had bought himself the very basics of a living room.
Kitchen This was once the clinics operating room with a small pharmacy at the back. When Sid moved in he replaced the pharmacy with a small but adequate kitchen. He also created storage space for his potions/drugs which he makes from the various plants in his greenhouse. Sid still carries out operations and experiments in this room.

Bedroom When Sid moved into the clinic he decided he couldn't live with the constant reminder of having Alvin's office around exactly as it was that night so he threw out Alvins furniture and medical equipement and created a bedroom for himself.

Bonus#1 - The Doctor's Office Sid kept his own Doctor's office almost exactly as it was right down to the examination chair since he always found it a good place to relax and think through his problems. The only additions he made were a couple of pin boards for brainstorming and a work bench for small experiments.

Bonus#2 - Backyard/Greenhouse/Car Park For the most part, the surrounds have been allowed to fall into ruins, a place for Sid to discard his failed experiments and materials which no longer have a use. In '85 Sid cleared a small section of the garden and built a greenhouse extension so he could grow plants and herbs for his potions.
Bonus#3 - Gazebo There is one small corner of the garden where the grass is lush and flowers bloom. If anyone cared to look they would know that Dr Sid visits the gazebo religiously every day. He sits on the bench and talks to the pot of flowers that sit atop a mysterious mound of packed earth. Passers-by assume he's crazy but Sid doesn't care. He had built the gazebo with Anna when they first bought the clinic and he had watched lovingly as she planted her favourite flowers all around it. He feels closest to his wife here and talks to her openly with passion in his voice, begging forgiveness and mourning his loss. "One day my love", he says solemnly,..."one day we will be together again".

No CC was used to make this house (the coffee table in the living room is two single tile tables pushed together).
Special effects such as rain, fog and heavy cloud were created using the fog emitter.

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