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Cascade Jade~
Once, this old house stood in the middle of the forest, right over the source of a bubbly, crystal-clear spring. Years have passed, renovations have come and gone, and a whole town has sprung up around it. No longer a cabin set deep in the woods, Cascade Jade is now the center of all the townspeople's attention. Modern yet ancient, the house's unique style brings together thousands of years into one small 30x30 lot. Colorful yet classic, the interior blends soft wood tones with dramatic greens and blues to create stunning, almost overwhelmingly invigorating, yet somehow at the same time calming effect. Through all these years, the little crystal spring has endured, and is now intertwined with the archaic house. Water, pumped up from deep underground, pours gracefully out from under the Japanese-styled roof and into a sparkling brook that wraps itself around the large house. In addition to the waterfalls, take note of the water pouring through the glass pillars as well. Cascade Jade includes two bedrooms and three bathrooms.

At night, the lights come on, transforming the beautiful house into a lightshow of splashing green and blue water. Perfect for evening get-togethers and parties, the porch, lit by calming cool blue light, is the perfect place to chill.

During the day, sims may enjoy themselves by relaxing in the calm, well-lit living area, complete with fireplace, two sofas, and a tv unit (not CC! creative use of bookshelves ;D)
In the evening, sims who prefer something other that pizza or ice cream for dinner can take advantage of the spacious kitchen, or enjoy their ice cream or bread and jam at the beautiful hard-wood dining table surrounded by shelves of only the finest nectar.
At night, sims will find themselves in lavishly decorated bedrooms, decorated with expensive vases and plants, and both with full bathrooms attached to them.
Blending peace, joy, and excitement, this ancient (yet somehow very new) house could inspire even an art-hating sim to break out the paints and brushes, to capture some of its beauty for himself.
-There is no custom content, yet items from both the expansion packs and a few store items have been used.
Bottom floor:

Top floor: