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Default The Sculptor's Abode
The Sculptor's Abode
Ildefanso Chissler, the visionary artist, learned his trade by studying the works of the world's master sculptors. He has traveled the world and brought back rare antiques which are his muses. His home is more like a museum than a home. He may be upstairs when the urge to sculpt presents itself. Rather than use stairs which would only slow him down, he has installed fireman poles so he can descend immediately and get working on that latest inspiration.
The home is an eclectic mix of surburban and modernism. Large windows allow light into all the rooms. This is the front of the home. It doesn't seem very large from the outside but the interior is spacious, inviting and full of treasures.

A small portion of the living room:

The kitchen:

and the bedroom:

This is a cutaway of the first floor viewed from the back of the house.

The artist, while seemingly brusque, is actually very playful and artistic. He sculpts fish out of water, then adds sculpted fish into the water. There are a trio of statues in the front of his home entitled, 'Hope" - a chubby guy flexing his muscles, another offering a toast to a fair damsel with long flowing locks who ignores them both. Then there is 'The Match'.

The artist at work:

Let me tell you! Trying to write this presentation on TwinBrook's preeminent sculptor has been one heck of a job! I did not know that World Class sculptor's had gnomes throwing monkey wrenches into the works! While we were doing the photoshoot, the statues would disappear and we'd get a notice that the repo man had come! Then we'd have to waste time and go get the artwork out of hock and place it back in it's correct location. We'd catch the little rascals and evict them from the premises, turn around and there was another one! ... or, maybe it was the same one coming back again.. Darned GNOMES! Anyway, we hope you enjoyed this presentation of the artist and his works.

First Floor:

Second Floor:


This lot uses items from all EP's, however there is absolutely NO CC or Store Content. There are many items from BuyDebug all over the lot.