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Default The House (Installation nr. 2)
The House (Installation nr. 2)

James isn't a conventional artist.
He can't draw, he can't play guitar but He is deep into Conceptual Art.
His last work is an installation called "The house".
The house it's - oh well - an house with walls made entirely of glass.
There are windows everywhere, so anyone can see what happens through them.

So let's see what James has to said about his installation.

James: As you can see there is absolutely no privacy. I planned to live here for two month. People will see me when I sleep, when I watch the tv and so on.. it's crazy, right?
The house is a reflection of the actual society. Today there is no privacy, we're constantly watched by the others. Facebook, Twitter, forum, cameras.. people think that it's all a game but it's too extreme. Yeah, it's like to be in an house made of glass.
Nowadays everithing it's a big, big, big show.. exactly like my life here



Living room



(As You can see the house is built in a suburban and degraded area. Unfortunately the sponsors weren't generous.
However near the windows You can notice some benches.. people love to sit here and watch James).

Floor plan

Bonus pics: bathroom, outdoor and bedroom
Lot: 30x30
Price (furnished): 91362
Price (unfurnished): 38413

Ps: I really hated to write a description for the house.. English it's a nightmare for me, I never studied it at school.. well, I hope you can still understand me.

Please, sorry for my bad English..