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Mirabel's Tea Party.

Mirabel is just a little childish and has decided that she wants to live the life of a princess. So, she purchased a lot in Sunset Valley and got to work, using her favorite colors: light pink and light green. This is the end result.

The view from the street shows off the many large windows Mirabel had installed so that she could make the most of the light outside and not have to use so many lamps indoors.

This is the top floor. On the right, in the room with the staircase, she put in her own master bedroom. On the left is her daughter's room. Both rooms have access to the upper level porches.

The lower level has a kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Plus, it has a space for Mirabel to write books while watching the front door and her daughter, Marigold, play in the living room.

Kitchen, with room for dining!

The living room, which has a doll house for Marigold and a comfy couch for reading.

Master bedroom.

Marigold's bedroom.

Downstairs bathroom.

Outside area for playtime!