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Default Brokenshire Mansion Bed and Breakfast
The history of the Brokenshire mansion is haunting and dark. Deaths happened in this house, and if you believe the stories it is still haunted by an evil African spirit. So of course it was renovated and made into the delightful bed and breakfast! For a small fee you and your family can stay overnight in the bedroom of Lord and Lady Brokenshire, the bedroom of their three daughters, or even the room of their son who as the story goes was possessed by the evil spirit who dwells within the large African tree in the atrium of the house. And yes, the house features the original tree, the same one that George Brokenshire brought from Africa to soothe his wife. It's dead now, and nothing will grow in the ground around it. Curious yet? Do you wish to hear the tale? Lets see if you believe the ghost story of the Brokenshire Mansion.

The Full Sad Story of The Brokenshire Mansion

The home's street front features a spacious front porch with plenty of seating, marble columns, and several false balconies.

Floor plans-
The ground floor most prominently features a large atrium which still contains the dead tree which was transplanted from Africa when the house was built. It also has a half bathroom, a living area, a sitting area, and a kitchen with dining area.

The middle floor of the house is simple. It has an open floor plan with a large cut out in the middle, an extension of the atrium which allows the tree to be seen from this floor as well. This floor also has a a sunny knowledge nook with seating and a chess table and the master bedroom which has it's own master bath and a private balcony.

The third floor contains a full bathroom, a large study with it's own rather large balcony, a single room for a young boy, and a larger room designed for three young girls which features a personal balcony.

Living Room-
The living room on the first floor is only one of many sitting areas in the house. This one features plenty of natural light from the wide windows and a full bar for entertaining.

This large kitchen was originally built to feed a family of six and all of their help from nannies, to gardeners, to tutors. It is fully equipped to handle whatever hungers the guests of a bed and breakfast feel. Guests can choose to have their meals served in their rooms or eat at the large dining table in the kitchen.

The master bedroom is decorated in red and is one of the more haunted rooms in the house. it is large and comfortable, hence Lady Brokenshire spending so much time here when she was sick. But I'm sure she's moved on by now....

The bedroom of the Brokenshire's three daughters: Georgia, Carolina, and Virginia, is a calming lavender and is the calmest rooms in the house. Let me remind you that the the Brokenshire girls where the only survivors of the horrors that happened oh so long ago.

Being an English man Lord Brokenshire had to have a proper English garden on the grounds of his home. The roses still bloom to this day in every color imaginable and the smell is so sweet it can be sensed all throughout the house.

The fabled atrium is at the center of the large house. As you can see the dead tree still stands as it has for over one hundred years. As you can also see the ground surrounding it is as barren as the tree, as if it poisoned the ground around it.

We at the bed and breakfast do hope you'll come out and stay with us. Remember, what you don't believe in can't harm you. At least that's what they say. Why don't you come to prove it? Or will the Brokenshire Mansion make a believer out of you?

No CC used in this house.