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Default Lolviya

Lolviya needed a holiday. So will a great deal of thinking, she went off to Jamacia, and had the most perfect holiday ever in history.

Back at home, she was trying to discover how to make some more simoleons. KACHING (flashing lightbulb), Lolviya decided that day that she would buy a peice of land, in Jamacia.

This is the result of all the brain storming. When Lolviya isn't visiting the carrabean paradise, she rents it out all year round (because this is Sim land after all, it's summer all year round!! WOOP)

This beautifull resort home contains:
Large Living space.
Small inside kitchen (just incase)
3 bed rooms, all with their own contained bathrooms.
Large outside living area (with the most beautiful veiw)
and of course a single garage, no rusty cars here.

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