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We all know the story of Hansel and Gretel, but did you know this part?

When the children found the little cottage in the wood it wasn't made of food and there lived a nice old lady. She gave Hansel and Gretel a friendly welcome and walked outside to get some food from her garden to feed the starving children. As she walked out Hansel noticed the huge fireplace in the kitchen and couldn't resist setting a fire. However as with many grownup things done by children it went horribly wrong!

The hunter, a good friend of the nice old lady happened by and ran in to put out the blazing fire!

However when he came in he saw that the poor old woman had tried to put out the fire herself, but Gretel tripped her as she came in!
The hunter didn't think twice and started spraying her with water.

And this is the moment the nice old lady became the nasty old hag. At this very moment she decided the children's faith we have been taught all these years...

I was so worried I had lost some changes I made when that fire started, but luckily only a rug got destroyed and I was fast enough to take some pictures.