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Time for my final entry. Thanks for the great fun guys, I have learned so much from this contest! I've seen great houses, some brilliantly build, others with awesome imagination and yet others that had both! So thanks HP for running this contest and the judges for their insanely difficult task and ofcourse all the contestants. It's been (and still is) great fun!

Anywho without further ado here is my final entry, goodluck everyone!

Hansel and Gretel, the true story!

Once upon a time there was a nice little old lady that lived at the edge of the woods. At least that is how the story of Hansel and Gretel should have started. We have all heard the story of the poor children that got cast out by their parents, left deep in the forest to rot. What we don't know however is why their parents came to such an evil deed or what turned that nice little old lady into the nasty hag we all love to hate. It's that poor old woman that was the first outside the parents to find out first hand that they had good cause for doing what they did!

However before I tell you the story you have to see for yourself how the little cottage looked back in those days. The following pictures were taken by John Ferdinand Gropel last week as he took yet another trip in his brandnew timemachine. Thanks John for giving some extra color to this story, it is much appreciated!

As you can see it was not the house made of food we were told about, but just a nice little old cottage in the woods. It is clear that the old woman loved her house and garden. I like how you captured that waterfall John!

Time to get back to the story however.

Ever since Hansel and Gretel were born the life of their parents had turned into a nightmare. You may think that I am exaggerating here, but you would be dead wrong in thinking that. The children were born under a cold moon in december and soon after it was clear that their hearts were as cold as the water outside. "Their eyes! There is no soul in their eyes!", the poor father shouted in a drunken haze. A state people found him in more and more often after the children were born. When asked what was wrong he just kept repeating those words over and over again untill he lost his bearings in the ale. Nobody knew why a father could say such terrible things about his own children. Nobody knew...except his wife.

What exactly happened to Hansel and Gretel's parents is unknown still. Sadly John didn't manage to find the parents able to tell the story. He did however see first hand what happened to the little old lady in the forest and it shook him up in a terrible fashion. I hope to hear the full story once he gets out of the mental institution he got admitted into shortly after his trip. The inability to help the old woman seemingly did him in!

I did manage to find some pictures he shot from the happenings in the cottage however and it shows how close John came to the actual events! If only timetravel let him intervene! I will show you the pictures now, sadly without a story to go with them since John is still unable to utter more than some incomprehensible words. I have placed them in the order they were taken though and can only imagine the story behind them. One thing is clear though, just by looking at Gretel's eyes: their father was correct when he stated the words: "Their eyes! There is no soul in their eyes!"...

Get well soon John, we miss you.

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