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@Kaospilot: Sorry to hear that you're ill - get well soon! In that case it's okay if it's raining, I guess. Here it's raining too - I don't mind because I have some things to do at home (I'm on holiday too) - this evening my friends and I will watch all star wars episodes (hope my friend won't put the extended editions in the dvd player... )
See, I didn't offer to create such a group because I have no idea how to - maybe we'll have to ask a mod? I'll have a look later.

Now I'd like to post a few pictures before I have to leave:

"The Country Fashion Boutique"

30 x 30 lot / Foundation X

The little Country Fashion Boutique has everything for the stylish folks. You are clueless about fashion? No problem at all – our staff will help you to find your very own style.

The entrance to the living quarters of the little country house is at the reverse side of the lot. The bedroom is to the left side of the entrance and the kitchen and livingroom area is just vis-à-vis. The small bathroom is in the middle of the house. The interior is very simple but functional.

In the backyard there's a pool and an outdoor grill area. The workspace and recreation room is located in a seperate little house right behind the pool. All buildings are connected with a little footpath and/or steps leading to it. In the middle of the lot there's also a nice little vegetable garden with some trees (apple, cherrie, plum) and everything that a vegetarian will appreciate.

It has a lot store items included but no CC.

It's not that I created the foundation because I had this little cottage in mind - I rather made the foundation like "ah, a little piece of foundation here and there... and there too... and here too and... whoohoo, that will keep them busy... "

And no, actually I'm everything but evil. I'm surprised myself that I had such evil thoughts in mind when I created this foundation.