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Hello, my name is Mya Kavalee (Pronounced Mii-yaa Ka-va-lee) and I am 22 years old. I live in the inner city suburbs of Victoria, Australia. I am a part time model and when I’m not strutting it out on the catwalk or in a photo shoot for a catalogue; I work at a clothing store in the city of Melbourne.

Aboriginal Australian, Indonesian, English and Thai are in my heritage and the combination of different worlds has made me the confident, easy going person that I am today. I grew up attending various ceremonies and celebrating different events by wearing different things to my peers and through this; I developed a passion for looking my best.

When I was 13 I begged my mother to let me join a child modelling agency. I begged relentlessly and she finally gave up on my 15th birthday; I received an agent and a photo shoot for my special day.

Since then, I’ve found out that modelling is all that I want to do.
I’ve participated in catalogues, advertising and commercials but my big break came when I was in a runway show for the 2009 Melbourne Fashion Week. My edgy look and my oriental influences made me popular with large labels and designers.

Although my genes are a mix of different cultures, I particularly favour the nationality of my father, which is Thai. This is the culture that I am the most appreciative of and the Thai Buddhist religion is the one that I follow. Other than that, I love the fashions, the creativity, the animals, the food and the experiences of Thailand – For my 21st birthday, I went to Bangkok for a massive shopping spree, it was the most fun I’ve ever had in my life!!
My friends found out about this competition and suggested that I have a try. Culture is such an important part of my life and this contest combines modelling and heritage which are the two biggest things in my world.


I found out that I needed 4 pictures of me for my application so I called up one of my best friends, who is an ace photographer. I’ve worked with her before from when she took some pictures for my portfolio last year.


My friend told me to act natural and to look natural so I applied only a little makeup. The first picture we took was the one of my head and face. This is how I usually wear my hair, it’s fairly long and is a bluey black colour; some parts are cut shorter than others and it goes down to my rib bones.


The next picture that we took was a profile picture. My hair was in the way of my features so I tied it up in a messy knot. I wear my hair like this sometimes; it looks casually formal... or something like that.
Personally, I like this picture because it shows off my long neck.


The next picture is the body shot photograph, I really like this one as well – the angle is pretty cool. The dress is one I bought in Bangkok, it was a bargain and I think it’s gorgeous! This picture shows off my high cheekbones and my long legs.


This next picture is when I appeared in an advertising campaign for my favourite designer, Alex Fleming. The collection was called ‘The Morrigan’ and was based on an ancient Goddess, the Crow Goddess.

This picture represents me being an ‘Urban Morrigan’ and I got to wear a slinky black dress that I loved! My hair was straightened out and I had plenty of extensions to make it longer, it was dyed a dark black/blue and it’s the colour that I still use today. This shoot took a lot of effort but turned out looking amazing, I spent over two hours with the makeup artist as she transformed me into a dark eyed beauty. She then used liquid eyeliner to make artistic black tears running down my face and to make the lines twisting from the corner of my mouth.
When I found out that I needed a ‘Free Shot’, I knew that I had to use this picture, not only because I look great and am posing for my favourite designer, but because I got to wear my own favourite black heels which I bought in America!

Short Application:
Name: Mya Kavalee
Age: 22
Birthplace: Melbourne, Australia
Culture: Thai
Why Do you Want to be Miss World?
I'd love to be Miss World because I could further my modeling career and make my family, friends and culture proud of me. Modeling started out as a past time but there's nothing I would like more than being able to represent Thailand in such a prestigious competition!! I also want to be Miss World because throughout the competition I would make friends and learn more about myself, as Miss World I could share my knowledge and more with the world!

(My first contest!! I'm really excited and happy to be taking part in this comp, it's going to be so much fun! Also, everyone's applications are amazing, its going to be a close contest! )