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TADAAAA.... Round 2 scores!!!
Its funny how different the judges scores are haha - I had a wee Laugh to my self

1: Alexandra Olsen by malfoya
Creativity 32/40 8.0 Average
Unique 31/40 7.5 Average
beauty 33/40 8.5 Average
adherence 40/40 10 Average
writing 32/40 8.0 Average
Total 168/200
Bonus round +10 -- 178

-I just felt like you didnt really express the feel of your country, your photo's just showed average things. But in saying that I like the way you went with it. I know this round wasnt that easy. And one more thing, just check your spelling on a spell checker or something.
Nice bonus round pictures.
-I think Alexandra is a real competitor because of her uniqueness and differences to other sims. She really suited that blonde wig and I thought the Norwegian bikini was really nice.
-Very nice entry. Your shots were strange and elegant and interesting all at the same time.
-I burst out laughing at the shot of her rooting for her favorite team. That's definitely something that doesn't change through cultures! Try to change up your poses. With the last one, I think a nice pose on the picnic table, with her legs dangling down onto the seat, might have been even nicer, and definitely not a pose that I've seen before!

2: Mya Kavalee by electricblu3 aka RedRiot
Creativity 33/40 8.5 Average
Unique 30/40 7.5 Average
beauty 34/40 8.5 Average
adherence 38/40 9.5 Average
writing 33/40 8.5 Average
Total 168/200
Bonus round +10 -- 178

-Awesome entry, You can just see how well you are growing. I love the fact that you do the recolours yourself too. Good Work.
-Wow! Your sim is very beautiful in every way from her black shining hair to her red painted toes! I think she has lots of potential and I can’t wait to see her next round.
-Very pretty shots this round. Your sim is beautiful as always.
-She looks very different between the round and the bonus shots! I almost didn't recognize her! I liked your dress in the culture shot but I wasn't a fan of the jewelry: it's easy enough to see that it's a pixelated item when it doesn't mold to the contours of the head.

3: Argariss Maugá by falloutchild
Creativity 31/40 7.5 Average
Unique 31/40 7.5 Average
beauty 31/40 7.5 Average
adherence 40/40 10 Average
writing 33/40 8.0 Average
Total 166/200
Bonus Round +10 -- 176
Love what do did with your pics, good idea to try and incorperate the culture into you pictures. Cute bonus round too.
Your sim looks very Italian in all of your pictures I particularly like her dress in the Free shots. I think your free shots were a little to similar but it didn’t really matter.
Very nice entry! I love how you went from sleek and modern to elegant and graceful.
I guess you showed your culture, but your round left me kind of bored. The dress was stunning but the clothing didn't do much, really, for you.

4: Xi Mei Walker by vhanster

Creativity 31/40 7.5 Average
Unique 33/40 8.0 Average
beauty 32/40 8.0 Average
adherence 40/40 10 Average
writing 33/40 8.0 Average
Total 169/200
Bonus Round +10 -- 179

Wow, Such an improvment I am so amazed!! Well Done
What an improvement – you are really starting to get a lot better and imaginative those pictures were very nice and my favourites out of yours so far.
This was a pretty good entry. You might want to consider shopping your snapshots to give them a little oomph and make the colors brighter.
Very nice job: I liked how you showed the culture within your own home. It was nice to see how much it meant. For your bonus round, I think pictures that showed off more of your entire self would have been better.

6: Athena Liu Mei Hua by SIMS GOD
Creativity 36/40 9.0 Average
Unique 34/40 9.0 Average
beauty 32/40 8.0 Average
adherence 40/40 10 Average
writing 32/40 8.0 Average
Total 174/200
Bonus Round +10 -- 184

-(Bonus Round - I don't know what colour you were going for red or blue) Nice usual awesome entry. What I like the best though is you taught me something new about your culture values!!!
-These are some stunning photos especially as they are all different from one to another. Her face is exceptionally beautiful and you really expressed her culture well. Well Done!
-As always, I was very impressed with your entry. Your model is gorgeous and your shots are very creative.
Bonus Round-Your continue to blow me away. Your traditional attire was not overdone at all, and the backgrounds and furniture you use in your free shots is just spectacular.
-I definitely enjoyed your round. You did a great job of explaining your culture, not just showing it. I liked how you showed your culture off in your bonus round, too.

10: Kiko Castello by Layalynn
Creativity 29/40 7.0 Average
Unique 30/40 7.5 Average
beauty 27/40 6.5 Average
adherence 40/40 10 Average
writing 31/40 8.0 Average
Total 157/200
Bonus Round +10 -- 167

-I adored your bonus round pics, its a shame the actual round pictures wernt like that, and just far too much writing to try and read. I don't think I really even learnt anything in the end. Great Work though!!
-I think you chose great outfits to express her culture and don’t forget her fabulous hair. I think the blurry picture was a bit disappointing but didn’t really affect your score.
-I have to say, I was a little disappointed this round. Your shots were kind of bland. Try harder next time!
-I was not a fan of your bonus round. Perhaps this may be colored by my distaste for such an intense yellow, but I really think it was the wig that did it. I've never seen such a combination of blonde and yellow. Also, you used the same pose twice in the same round! Lady GaGa's pose isn't all that great! I loved the culture shots, but some of the photos were fuzzy and should have been retaken.

11: Ami Kenda by MayDayParade
Creativity 30/40 7.5 Average
Unique 29/40 7.0 Average
beauty 30/40 7.0 Average
adherence 35/40 10. Average
writing 30/40 7.5 Average
Total 154/200
Bonus Round +10 -- 164

-Your round 2 is awesome and I see you have tried to be more creative, Well Done. But you really should follow the rules, its really hindering your score (first 2 pics are ment to be plain back ground and the writing is not what it says its ment to be) And the round shots are both facing side ways, I didnt really understand that. Good Work!
-You are really starting to improve especially with your choices of clothes and poses for your sim. She is very beautiful but you need to really show us what you’ve got. In the next round I want you to pull it out of the bag!
-I didn't enjoy this round as much as your application. I felt it wask ind of bland. Your model looked washed out and blurry, as well.
-I'm not too sure about your bonus round. The colors are very nice, but maybe a different dress, or more than one, and a couple of different poses would have brought out the white contrast a lot more.

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