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Default Athena Liu Mei Hua ~ Round 3
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What I am working with

I'm working as a Music Teacher though my Dad doesn't approve it. He wanted me to continue his business. I wanted to stay true to myself. Art has always been a passion of mine, and no one could take it away from me. Yes, I know I'm a little bit stubborn when it comes to my dream. And since I'm his favorite daughter, he can't do anything about it ^ ^

How do you think you would be a good role model ?

Ok, I admitted that the reason I joined Miss World is because of the man I love, I want him to notice. Others may think that it's shallow and pointless. But if they would only see the true motive behind it, they might think differently. I want to show the world...that I'm not GIVING UP on my love just like that. And maybe in my case it's about a Man. But in other cases, it might be the love for your family, the love for your friends, the love for your pets, etc. And why I think I could be a good role model, cause look at me....I don't care how absurd or shallow it is, I'm NOT GIVING UP on LOVE, cause in love there lies HOPE and DREAM that make people keep on living day by day no matter how cruel this world is. And in the end, if he still doesn't notice me, I have to learn to let him go. Cause by loving someone, you have to know when to embrace it and when to let it go.....

How do you think you could make the world a better place to live ?

I'm only a human. I don't have the "God Almighty" superpower to do it. But what I can do, and I believe I'm capable to do is by teaching music. We could "help" other people in its own unique way. Why ? Because music is a Universal Language. It could make people from different countries united, it could make people learn foreign languages from the songs they like and it's definitely an advantage. Music can also influence mood, etc. You see there are so many things that can be done from this one word 'MUSIC'

What is your special talent ?
Like I've said in the previous round, I master Chinese calligraphy, traditional Chinese painting, folk art, and Chinese opera. But my most special talent I believe is....sharing my love of music with others and until the day I die....I will never stop doing that.

There are four things that you could never get them back :
1. A stone...after it's thrown
2. Words...after they're spoken
3. Chance...after it's passed
4. Time...after it's gone