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MrJazz, I see what you mean now! No, it is not you that misunderstood, it was me.

But I discovered something by experimenting with Bridgeport: Yes, when you first import the water layers to a world created with the Bridgeport heightmap, some parts of the water will stick out when you load up CAW.

However, if you now save the world in CAW, then close the world and open it again, you should see that the protruding parts are gone.

I can also demonstrate this in Bridgeport, opened in CAW. If I flatten the 'wall' of the waterfall lake, then save and reload, I have a 'flood' just like HP and MrJazz noticed!

If I then raise the wall back up, it looks like this:

The water does not fit any more!

But if I then save this and reload the world in CAW, the lake now looks like this:

So, MrJazz and HystericalParoxysm should find that the Bridgeport water layers do work with the Bridgeport Heightmap, after all.