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Hehe, Kiwi_tea- you've done lots of unusual things with your worlds, like putting sims in and also modding ini files, so you're well qualified to play around with this.

Menaceman, I'm not seeing the food trucks working in my world by setting 0x269A6298 UNK to 01 00 00 00 00 00 02 00 00 00. They will linger for a while and then disappear (and rematerialise later) but I'm not seeing them drive around as you are. I do see traffic now though- I think the reason I was mistaken before was that the world I was testing on has a lot of separate islands, so less road interconnections than Bridgeport (making the traffic seem more sparse). Thanks for testing that, you were a great help!

I made another little discovery with this resource though. I remember Tamlo31 (stw402) finding the resource responsible for flagging a world as a vacation world here. Well guess what- it's the same resource that we're talking about here, 0x269A6298 UNK. I only cottoned onto this when I was playing with the byte values and got this on loading a save:

I'd changed my world into a vacation world!
The byte responsible for that is byte 06 again; if you set it to 01 then you get a vacation world, set it to 02 and you get a city. If it's set to 00 then you have a suburb/ town. When flagged as a vacation world then your world will not show in the dropdown menu; you can still load it from a save though (that's when I got the above message).
I also managed to break it completely- if you set byte 06 to anything else then the game doesn't know what the heck the world is, so gives it a blank icon!

The other bytes I'm guessing are concerned with identifying the world, which could be why they obliterate the WDDT. Here's a comparison of 0x296A6258 UNK in the EA worlds.

Byte number....00 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09

Bridgeport.......01 00 D7 E3 FF 09 02 00 00 00
Twinbrook.......01 00 FA 10 B6 09 00 00 00 00
Barnacle Bay...01 00 B8 6E 86 08 00 00 00 00
China.............01 00 4C DB 59 08 01 00 00 00
Egypt............01 00 48 DB 59 08 01 00 00 00
France...........01 00 50 DB 59 08 01 00 00 00
Sunset Valley: Not present
Riverview: Not present.